Simone's KeyNote

Human Connection THE FUTURE OF HUMAN CONNECTION In a post-COVID-19 world, how will the way we connect change? In this NEW keynote speech, Simone shares: Why quality human connections are integral to our health and immunity How to connect authentically via technology The newest resources available to aid connection The ways in which our in-person connection will change THE POWER OF HUMAN CONNECTION As we enter the age of artificial intelligence, mastering the art of Human Connection will become the most powerful skill of the future. Simone's keynote on The Power of Human Connection shares how to: Connect with people profoundly and memorably Bridge the gap between cultures without the use of language Break through with even the most difficult to connect with individuals Identify the authenticity of a connection CONNECT AUTHENTICALLY VIA TECHNOLOGY In this 20-minute Ted-Style webinar plus 10-minute Q and A, Simone shares: The Science of Human Connection The tools for connecting better via technology and why they work 5 tech resources which work to connect us more Authentically How to create a connection without meeting face-to-face CONNECT VIA VIDEO Using her 15 years in broadcast media, including on-camera work for brands like CNN, CNBC, and HBO Asia, Simone shares how to connect and engage using video for conference calls and creating online content. In this 20-minute webinar plus 10-minute Q and A, Simone shares how to: Create the least distracting environment for your video Connect deeply and memorably with colleagues and clients Lighting, backdrops, and video conference etiquette HUMAN CONNECTION AND RESILIENCE How is the Covid-19 crisis preparing us for future success? How can Human Connection make us more resilient in a crisis? In this 20-minute webinar and 10-minute Q and A, Simone shares: Why human connection makes us more resilient on a physiological level Ways in which Covid-19 is raising our resilience for the future Why we need to tap into Human Connection during a crisis

Core Expertise

  • Success
  • Storytelling
  • Communication

About Simone

Simone Heng is a global keynote speaker on the topic of Human Connection and a former international broadcaster. In her one and a half decade-long career in the media industry, it was Simone's job to connect authentically on-air, on-stage, online, and one-to-one with people. She now speaks to organizations around the world on the connection techniques that authentically bring us together. Simone also has a Communications and Cultural Studies degree from the Curtin University of Technology. She has studied speechwriting in London under Tony Blair's former speechwriter, Phillip Collins. Having lived in Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, Simone has deep intercultural understandings that allow her to communicate and appeal to a wide variety of audiences. She has worked for and been featured in CNBC, CNN, Virgin Radio Dubai, HBO Asia, Southern Cross Austereo, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, and many more. She has an online social media community of over 100,000.


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